Granny Death

Play it:

Granny Death is a game we made for Ludum Dare 27, we had 72 hours to completely create a game from scratch. The topic was “10 seconds”

A game where every buff only last 10 seconds!
But don’t be sad, you can collect masses of them.
On the flip side – masses of buff items == hordes of enemies who drop them.
Ah, and by the way: You’re playing senile nice Granny Death fighting her way through a dungeon. Oh and when you die, type your name and press enter to get to the skill menu :)

Book 1 - main menu

Controls: Have a look in the Almanac or:
You can walk with arrow keys or the analog stick on your gamepad.
Standard Attack “A” on Keyboard, “A” on gamepad
Whirlwind “S” on Keyboard, “X” on gamepad
Magnet “D” on Keyboard, “B” on Gamepad

Buch 8 - Controlls
Projectlead – Christian Hockenberger
Gamedesign – Jeff Zimmer & Christian Hockenberger
Programming (Unity 3D) – Christian Wiedemann & Jeff Zimmer
Art & Animation – Franziska Maugg
Sound, Music & Voices – Christian Hockenberger