We want your voice

We are working on a little game called “Spaaaaaaaaace”.
Spaaaaaaaaace is a 2D-Top-Down-Space-Arena-Shooter. Simply put, you fly around in a spaceship, shooting at other spaceships.

We are looking for voice actors to voice the characters on the ships. Please be aware that this is not a paid position, this is strictly a hobby project. Of course, you will get mentioned on this website as well as in the game credits! What you need is a voice, a good microphone and a software to record, like audacity. If you are a friend of any of our team members, most of us have a good microphone as well as software to record, so speak to us.
Send us examples of what you think our characters could sound like. You can send as many samples for as many races as you want.

Send your samples to info@fluffytigers.com

To give you a picture, these are our races:









And if you can’t think of anything to say in your recordings try easy, simple sentences that fit the theme like:

  • Shoot them to infinity and beyond
  • Me so angry
  • Computer says kill
  • Set phasers to fuck ’em up
    and also a evil/mad laugh could be fun ;)

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